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We are a highly rated 5 star pressure washing and paver sealing company in Central Florida.

We take pride in the work we do and customer satisfaction is the number one priority. We strive to make every job as great as the next. We offer quality and prompt service that will make your property shine!


Wide Range of Skills

We are trained specialist that use right equipment, chemicals and sealer for every job. We are specialized not only in pressure washing but also in sealing pavers, including removal of weed, rust stains, oil stains, and more! Call today for a free estimate!


Affordable Pricing

We don’t have any hidden fees to be paid so that’s why we are upfront and honest with all of our prices. Our services are available to everyone with budget friendly prices without sacrificing any quality. Call today and get a free estimate!


About Us

Platinum Pressure Washing and Pavers Sealing

We know that your home and hardscapes are one of your biggest investments. It is our mission to ensure every client is satisfied and every job is detailed and done correctly. We are a highly rated 5 star company that takes pride in our work. We are trained specialist that use right equipment, chemicals and sealer for every job. Our favorite part of the process is seeing our clients face after the job is finished. We love making your home and surfaces come back to life. Se habla espanol.


Tradition of Excellence and Perfection

Our mission is to ensure that every job is detailed and done with utmost perfection. Our excellence lies in 100% client satisfaction and retention!


Licensed & Insured

We are 100% safe and secure pressure washing and paver sealing company you can bank upon. We are fully insured to provide you high end maintenance to your beloved property! Materials we use are 100% safe for your kids and pets.


Specialized Solutions

We are trained specialist that use right equipment, chemicals and sealer for every job. Hence, we have complete and permanent solutions for any issue related to your property ensuring to keep it safe, strong and of course shining!


Service Guarantee

5 Star Google rating, 100% customer satisaction and retention speaks volume about our guaranteed service we provide to each of our customer. We understand their challenges and provide services accordingly to cater their specific requirement.


Services We Provide

Platinum Pressure Washing and Pavers Sealing is proud to offer pressure washing and paver sealing services. We love making your home and surfaces come back to life.


Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing is the use of high pressure to clean up tough debris and years of dirt and grime. For most flat surfaces we use a pre treatment to kill all organic growth, followed by a high pressure cleaning. We are experienced and know the best processes and solutions to clean your property’s exterior, decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, concretes and more!


Paver Sealing Services

Paver sealing is our most popular service. Many people don’t understand the benefits of paver sealing and therefore are uncertain whether they want to seal their pavers. We use top quality water based sealer guaranteed to last 2-4 years. Sealing your pavers protects them from all the elements as well as it keeps the pavers’ original color intact. We offer a variety of finishes such as matte, natural and gloss look.


Paver Stripping

Paver stripping is a complex procedure we offer for jobs that have been sealed incorrectly. Many people D.I.Y or hire contractors that are uneducated and just want to make a quick buck. Unfortunately for the homeowner when the sealer fails, it needs to be stripped and redone. Usually failed sealer turns the pavers white and cloudy. That’s why it is super important to get it done right the first time so you don’t end up spending more in the long run.


Paver Repair

When it comes to your hardscape, many times if not maintained, pavers tend to shift, or even sink down. Using best quality materials, we keep everything leveled and interlocked. Our paver repair service helps you regain the original beauty of your patio, driveway or walkway without the high cost of a new installation. If your paver needs a repair due to settling, shifting or showing signs of age; we are just a call away to offer you best!


House Washing

When it comes to house washing, roof washing and screen enclosure cleaning, we use low pressure and chemicals to get rid of any organic growth. We never use high pressure for such suraces because it will damage and tear up the surfaces. With a combination of right pressure and temperature settings, as well as cleaning at the proper distance we ensure that we deliver maximum cleaning effectiveness without risk of damage to the surface.

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Whether we are sealing a paver or power washing a property, we always get a phenomenal experience when we see a bright smile on our customer’s face by providing life and shine to their property. Watch us in action now!


Happy Customers Love Our Services

Platinum Pressure Washing and Pavers Sealing is a family owned business, striving always for excellence in the job provided to each and every customer with perfection.